Our Mission

Ultimate Marketing Group will create unique opportunities to empower people while advancing Earth saving initiatives. As advocates for ecological and social change we will set the stage for an environmental revolution by taking activism to a new level.

UMG will help promote green technologies and help bring sustainable energy, green vehicles and passive solar houses to the general public. While educating people about the real costs of fossil fuels and pollutants we will teach the public that cleaner living is what is best for our children.

Through education and global activism, we the people can come together as one force to create change. The realm of marketing possibilities is endless and there is great hope for a greener future.

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Message from:  Earth Defense League
"The enforcement and protection of our global ecology is urgently needed if we are to prevent
passing the environmental point of no return. We are asking all individuals and groups
to join and unite with us to bring about social change to save the future for all living things."
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